Saltburn’s Barry Keoghan on Flirting With Jacob Elordi and Manifesting Stardom

He’s one of our most exciting actors—a combustible shape-shifter onscreen, a moon-howling dynamo off it. And he spent the last couple years achieving his Hollywood aspirations at an absurd clip. Now, Barry Keoghan is confronting a rather novel dilemma: deciding which dreams to manifest next.


Rising Females: Empowering Women in a World of Possibilities

Celebrate International Women’s Day by reading about these 8 powerhouses of ladies who are changing and impacting the world around them, whilst helping to lift and inspire others around them to do the same. Elena Cardone  Elena Cardone, an accomplished

Solange Smith: A Symphony of Art and Fashion

Solange Smith, a name that resonates with the eclectic fusion of art and fashion, has emerged as a remarkable figure in both realms. Born to a diverse heritage with a half Dutch, half French father and a half Malaysian, half

Like You, Phil Dunster Already Misses Jamie Tartt

It’s almost time to say goodbye to Ted Lasso. The fish-out-of-water tale about a clueless, but affable American football coach, who’s improbably hired to rescue an equally clueless but affable English football team from total reputational ruin—satiating millions during the bleak