“Why work for anyone when you can be your own boss?” questions ace serial entrepreneur Rob Coats

Building multiple businesses and immersing himself in the world of business is his passion, which has what turned him into a sought-after entrepreneur.

To be able to enter a particular field of one’s choice in itself can prove to be a huge task, let alone making it huge in the same. However, over the years, the world has seen the uprise of a few individuals who not only entered their desired fields but also took charge of those fields by becoming highly successful business personalities. Though it may take years for some to build this momentum, a few others have done that already, and now through the many bold choices that they have made in their careers are encouraging others to chase their dreams. “Why work for anyone when you can be your own boss?” questions one such self-made man and entrepreneur named Robert Coats, aka Rob Coats.

Rob Coats

The above statement sounds easier than it actually is in reality, but with passion, pure skills, and patience, a person can definitely reach his desired goals and visions in life, believes Rob Coats, who drew a successful path for himself by chasing his dreams and never giving up, no matter what. This man, who is a rising serial entrepreneur from the US and has so far built many businesses, from marketing, finance, education, and entertainment to healthcare, says that working under someone is a choice many make in their careers, thinking things would just get easy for them, and they would consistently keep earning a sum amount of income. However, he says that individuals, especially young talented beings, should see things beyond this and dream big to make efforts to become their own boss.

Rob Coats

In his quest to become one, Rob Coats had to face too many hurdles on his path, but he was determined to create a career of his choice and earn the wealth he always aspired to reach. Today, when he looks back, he feels he has come a long way, but having said that, he also wants to keep disrupting newer and more promising industries like the digital financial space, including NFTs, blockchain, Bitcoin, and more.

He wants more and more youngsters to step forward to make that bold move to enter the entrepreneurial world and turn their dreams a reality, just like he did.


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