VoIP Texting: How It Works and Why Businesses Should Take Advantage of It


One of the most important factors when it comes to successful business operations is effective communication. Business owners need to put measures into place for communication between their customers, suppliers, and employees.

With proper communication, businesses can maximize revenues, increase sales, make their brand visible, and contact all their stakeholders. There are different forms of communication, with one of the most effective ones being text messaging.

Text messaging is easy to use. Its simplicity and ability to share different things from messages to images makes it stand out from other forms of communication. VoIP phone systems have grown in popularity, and so are the texting features.

How VoIP Texting Works

VoIP phone systems are not only used for making voice calls but also for sending and receiving text messages. But how does it work?

Sending texts from a computer has never been this easy. Using a virtual phone number, you can send a text message via a VoIP phone system.

You can receive and send text messages from one mobile phone to another – this is what we have always done. VoIP has changed this. Even though you can send a text message from one device to another using a VoIP phone system, the virtual phone number is not restricted to a single device.

The number is assigned to you as a user, not to the device you are using. This makes it possible for the user to send and receive messages from different devices, including their computers. You, however, have to make sure that you have an internet connection.

Why Should Businesses Take Advantage of VoIP Texting

Messages are Conveyed Quickly

VoIP texting stands out from other text messaging service providers due to its instant communication. Businesses can send, reply, and receive text messages faster using this phone system.

Most businesses rely on emails for their communication. Using VoIP texting does not limit your business to the formalities of an email. You can send a simple “no” or “yes” when responding to a query from your colleagues or customers.

High Priority With Text Messages

When you send a VoIP text message to a client or a colleague, they are likely going to read and respond immediately compared to sending an email. Some people respond to emails at certain times of the day, meaning that you will have to wait for a response.

This explains the reason why text messages have a very high open rate compared to other forms of communication. Emails are considered low priority, and it gets worse when a person receives excessive emails.

VoIP texting ensures that your business’s messages will be responded to immediately, streamlining your operations due to effective and seamless communications.

VoIP Offers Conversational Texting

VoIP texting allows your business representative to initiate conversational and personal communication with your customers. This is unlike emailing which forces them to be formal. This makes customers feel easy when communicating with your representatives.

In addition, it provides a discussion-like conversation that allows business representatives and customers to communicate as if they were interacting on a face-to-face basis. This is one of the ways of streamlining your business processes.

VoIP texting also comes with additional features that make it more enjoyable compared to other forms of communication. For instance, businesses can use stickers, GIFs, and emojis, among other features during conversations.

Offers Concise Texting

Most text sending platforms limit businesses to a certain number of characters. VoIP texting is a fast texting platform for businesses. This leaves businesses with no option but to try as much as they can to say more with fewer characters.

This is important for businesses because customers prefer concise and shorter messages that address exactly what they are looking for. It also leads to a higher conversion rate for businesses.

Customers Trust Text Messages

Finally, texting is the trusted mode of customer communication. This is one of the reasons why most of them prefer texting as the mode of communication with businesses.

In addition, there are low chances of getting spam text messages compared to email communication. This makes VoIP texting ideal for businesses.


VoIP texting is growing in popularity across the globe. Businesses need to take advantage of this to streamline their communication with customers and among colleagues. The advantages discussed above show why VoIP texting stands tall compared to other modes of communication.


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