Top 3 Parking Management Trends For 2022


The pandemic has revolutionized and disrupted every industry. These changes have affected businesses, shops, as well as parking lots, and related services.

Although it was a high-crisis industry at the start of the epidemic, now that it appears we’re on the mend, you might be intrigued about what’s in store for parking management this year. If that’s the case, simply keep reading.

In this blog post, we are going to look at the top three parking management trends for 2022.

What is parking management?

Parking management is described as a collection of tactics with the purpose of increasing the efficacy of, for example, a building’s or business’s existing parking service.

In other terms, it refers to the system used by individuals, businesses, and organizations to manage their parking spaces.

The goal of parking management is to efficiently use parking facilities, minimize time spent searching for available parking spots, and save time and money.

Best 3 parking management trends in 2022

1.    Increase in smart parking management solutions usage

One of the first new trends to discuss for 2022 is smart parking management solutions.

Such software, enable companies to:

  • Track employee parking usage;
  • Identify the exact amount of space needed for the future;
  • Ensure optimum real estate spend;
  • Monitor and alert staff in real-time about parking availability;
  • Track all employee car park usage and behavior from anywhere in the world.

As you can expect, such software will assist businesses in monitoring parking utilization and avoiding waste in terms of expenditures if parking lots are not used at all, as well as the need to expand parking space if it becomes frequently busy., for example, provides all of these features and more and is considered one of the best options currently available on the market.

This type of software will also become widespread for employers when they return to the workplace and try to handle streams in demand.

2. Employee parking will become the sought-after property

The epidemic has made maintaining distances and avoiding crowded areas a top responsibility. As a result, individuals have become increasingly fearful of taking public transportation to work, as they are frequently packed, especially during business hours.

This explains why an increasing number of individuals prefer to drive to work. In fact, a recent McKinsey survey showed 81% of respondents consider private vehicles safer.

Furthermore, as computer and artificial intelligence (AI) technology are improving autonomous vehicles, people enjoy this means of transport even more.

Employees may get real-time information about available parking on their mobile phones, make reservations, organize their commute, and arrange onsite office visits using the type of software outlined above.

Similarly, companies can make more-informed space utilization decisions, save expenses, and provide a better parking experience for workers. Reservations for guests and contractors help to optimize parking use even further.

This means that employee parking lots will be used more frequently, and most business owners will need to ensure the service’s effectiveness.

3. Death of cash payments

Cash as a payment mechanism has been on the brink for some time, and the COVID epidemic has expedited its downfall even further. Aside from that, cash payments take longer, resulting in employee time wasted.

This is why the parking business is adapting to the cashless trend, and a variety of e-payment solutions are now accessible.

Payment is immediately charged to the customer’s credit card using the most recent technology. Furthermore, not only are all parking solutions cashless, but the majority of them also employ license plate recognition technology to compute the time of stay, providing entirely frictionless parking options.


This brings us to the end of our blog post on the top three parking management trends for 2022.

As seen throughout, the pandemic has had a significant influence on the transportation industry, with people preferring to drive themselves to work and elsewhere.

Parking Management

This translates into greater demand for parking management and the need for parking owners to understand if the parking requires additional space or a reduction in size since certain slots are not being used.

A parking management software like can help you in taking advantage of these and many other benefits.


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