Meet the most popular car model from Las Vegas – Nadia Khar. 

This car enthusiast is known for her GTR and R8 builds.

How often have we seen women driving the most fanciest wheels ever seen on roads? Though rare, a few have made many heads turn, driving the most awesome looking four wheels which has made them grab maximum attention. Their explosive knowledge and interest around cars have made them a global icon. Nadia Khar is one of them who has managed to gain massive attention due to her amazing GTR and R8 builds, which have taken her popularity to the next level altogether. This car enthusiast/model who has been seen with the best builds of cars, especially GTR’s has earned her the title of ‘GTR Queen’ which is without any second thoughts well deserved as she has earned her position as one of the most popular figures who have been around the automobile sphere, having garnered a humongous following.

This half Pakistani, half Italian car model hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and has always been an ardent supercar fan since her early days. Her penchant for cars had her attend the biggest car shows which were held globally, and even today she attends most of them, especially SEMA, attending which is a yearly ritual. Her GTR build is the most popular, which has gained her extreme popularity which is evident by her social media following which is massive with more than 1M followers on Instagram alone. Nadia says that she dreams of owning the best set of wheels in the near future like Nissan GTR’s, Viper ACR’s, 4×4 Gwagon, Murcielago, Aventador SVJ, Hennessy Or Calvo Racing builds, SLS, Koenigsegg, GT2 RS, RR Wraith and many more.

Having been around for more than 5 years now, she has been a part of supercar modelling, JDM and street biking too. Her Instagram is closely followed by a number of car enthusiasts, as her posts are extremely engaging. She also sells her merchandise through her social media and website. She says that her passion for cars has won her wide recognition, and she aims at achieving further milestones in her journey surrounding cars going ahead in life.


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