Meet Crow: An emerging name and figure in the music realm

Crow is a Singer, Song writer, Producer, True-blue music artist and what not!

The youngsters are changing the scenario of the music world efficiently. The unique skills, knowledge and determination they enhance in their performances engross millions of people in their music art. Music is a huge industry with massive version to perform the music craft. Meet a young artist who has captivate the music industry, audiences and fans with his creative music craft as a complete music artist, song writerand producer. The artist was formerly known as Joka Crow and another alias Mister Crow. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe. At the age of 10 he moved to West London. Started his musical journey at a tender age and today he has emerged as an international music artist and producer. 

Crow polished his music craft with long hours of practice, gaining knowledge and experiences which made him master of his art. He has produced big projects like – The Journey, Reckless, Armed & Ready, Pt.1 and just recently in May 2022 he did Ghost. All his projects gained sound success across the globe and his remarkable work made him one of the most prominent artists of the music industry. Music is an art and artist like Crow cater the unique, creative and skilled art of music to the billions of people and explore the music industry globally. Each day a new artist is introduced in the music industry and competition is always at the peak. To survive and gain popularity amongst millions of audiences one needs the talent beyond imagination to engross the industry and people in his music art, and that what exactly Crow has been doing. 

The young artist is growing tremendously, even on the social media domains like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Crow has massive fans and followers and his music craft has crossed millions of views in short span of time. This enhances his expertise in music. His songs have also created much buzz, which includes – Reminder, One Night, No Reason, Saw It Coming, Satisfied and many more. These all songs are still leading the chart for his mesmerizing music art. 

Much more music craft is on the way by the artist to enthrall the music world. Till then stay tunned with him on Spotify@ and do follow him on Instagram @crowmusicofficial


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