Mandana Bolourchi: Yet again making headlines by attending a super-elite and intimate dinner hosted by Elle Magazine and Dolce Gabbana

She is already known as a high-performing global fashion influencer and entrepreneur and Beverly Hills’ new multi-millionaire IT girl.

A lot has already been spoken about how a few individuals across industries have made consistent efforts in order to reach their highest potential and their desired success levels. For this, so many astute minds and creative souls made some brave choices along their paths and ensured to give it their all to turn their dreams and aspirations into a beautiful reality. To be able to do that in the fashion scene in the US has proved to be even more challenging and demanding, but it is high-performing influencers in fashion like Mandana Bolourchi who have been making all the difference there is in the industry today.

Mandana Bolourchi is already a well-known global fashion influencer, entrepreneur, and a new multi-millionaire IT girl from Beverly Hills. Attaining so much as a self-made woman has always kept her on top of media outlets, earning her great headlines and buzz around her work in fashion and for her elite appearances across events and shows. Yet again, this big-eyed beauty has made headlines, and this time it is was attending a super-elite and intimate dinner hosted by Elle Magazine and Dolce Gabbana recently.

She added more glory to the event as it was for honoring the elite fashionable women close to the brand. In the past as well, she was the one who had stunned people with her looks, hitting the “Pink” carpet to watch the premiere of the new Angelyne show on Peacock. This appearance of hers had turned heads, and to top even that this time, Mandana Bolourchi rocked a sparkly Dolce Gabbana look while entering Olivetta restaurant on Melrose, West Hollywood, and looked absolutely gorgeous. The look was completed with stunning jewelry and a glamorous Dolce Gabbana headpiece that made her look like a dream.

The much-talked-about night was hosted by Nina Garcia, the editor-in-chief of Elle. Mandana Bolourchi and many other celebrities seemed to have enjoyed every bit of it the event.


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