Justin Haynes creates ripples of growth in the fashion world as “The Fashion Lifestyle Icon.”

The Top custom tailor serves as the designer and tailor at his brand JUS10H, offering signature yet comfortable designs that add to a person’s personality.

To have the vision to attain a particular goal in one’s life is one thing, but to choose to grind each day, face challenges head-on, fight tooth and nail, resiliently move forward, and work committedly to turn those visions into reality is a different thing altogether. To belong to the latter category, individuals need to work with passion and determination to pave their own path to success and reach the exponential success they desire in their careers and endeavours in life. Doing that and much more in the world of fashion is one such passionate being, who very early in his life jumped into it to make waves with his designs that stand distinctive in the industry; we are talking about ace fashion designer and entrepreneur named Justin Haynes.

Justin Haynes is a fashionpreneur who successfully runs his one-of-a-kind brand named “JUS10H” as the CEO and Founder and has proved to people his passion for fashion since the time he incepted it in 2010. He confesses that making it in the fashion space was his childhood dream, and today he is living his dreams. During middle school, he found his love for fashion, and in high school, his unique style. After starting his brand JUS10H, things definitely were more challenging, but Justin Haynes kept moving ahead on his path and now looks unstoppable with his venture.

Justin Haynes is known as “The Fashion Lifestyle Icon” for a reason. He is also known as an internationally-recognized fashion designer and entrepreneur. Making it big with JUS10H, he came up with his latest brand called ONYX Luxury Label, which is yet another step by him to lead the fashion world by storm. Hailing from Springfield, Massachusetts, he had begun with a job in the retail clothing space, but his love for fashion helped him work towards his dreams.

Today, the JUS10H brand is known for specializing in men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, thanks to Justin Haynes never-give-up attitude and his creative abilities. His name comes under #4 Best Custom Tailors on Google and is considered as the Top Custom Tailors list the UK, Top Business Leader Yahoo Finance, Top Entrepreneur List USA Today and recently was also featured on NY Weekly and Forbes NY.

Besides this, Justin Haynes also coaches people in fashion across Ukraine, Singapore, Argentina, and India.

His high-end, unique brand of clothing offers style and comfortability that has helped it stay ahead of its contemporaries.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @theofficialjus10h.


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