Following reports of a new scam, an urgent WhatsApp warning has been issued. What is it, and how do you report a scammer?

Users of WhatsApp are being warned about a new scam involving scammers impersonating WhatsApp Support.

On April 23, WABetaInfo, a blog dedicated to messaging app news, informed its readers to the fraud.

A WhatsApp user was approached by a phoney account that was attempting to steal their information, according to the blog.

So, what is the most recent WhatsApp scam, and how can you prevent being a victim?

What exactly is the WhatsApp ruse?

Scammers are reportedly impersonating the official WhatsApp Support account on social media in order to steal personal information from users.

They may have the same username and profile image as the support account, but they lack the verified symbol that any official account will have.

Users should not be fooled by scammers who add the verified badge in their profile photo.

Scammers may pose as the official WhatsApp account and beg users for personal information.

They may request a verification code or even their credit card information as proof of identity in order to gain access to their account information.

What is the best way to report a WhatsApp scammer?

If you receive a message from a scammer posing as the WhatsApp account, ban and report them.

By long pressing on a single message, activating the context menu, and selecting “report,” you can report a fraudster.

“Waitlist will receive the latest five messages sent to you, as well as the user’s ID and facts about the message, such as when it was received and the type of message, when you report an account.”

To block them, simply enter the conversation and select “block.” They won’t be able to send you messages any more.