Conquering multiple spaces associated with NFTs, music, media and much more on Stackpack.

This multipreneur has dived into distinct zones, having emerged as a winner in all, and that’s quite impressive of him.

We have heard of many individuals who have stood out owing to their incredible work in different areas, but one name shines bright amongst that pack, and that’s of Stackpack, who has achieved stupendous success well before he has touched 30, and that amazes us all. What’s striking about this man is that he started off at the age of 13, when many are busy playing games and whiling off their time. Business was something that attracted him towards it to a great extent and that’s what made him jump into the opportunity of selling sneakers, which boosted his confidence to move ahead and explore further avenues.

His love towards music also led him towards a career as a hip hop beat producer which had him work with some of the biggest production companies, record labels and artists worldwide. His popularity as a music artist had just started gaining traction when he entered the world of Metaverse and NFTs and capitalized it to the maximum. He sold out numerous artworks and music through NFTs, gaining extreme popularity around this sphere that gained him wide recognition. Stackpack became a household name in the world of cryptos and NFTs.

“I have always strived to step into areas which were alien to test my potential, and till date I’ve never failed in whichever space I have worked upon, as I have given my all to emerge as the best in that zone,” says Stackpack who then went on to become the Vice President of business development for The Oz Club, the marquee senior member of Soulja Boy’s app, Kandiid as the head of media and talent management, also looking after huge media projects with his media partner Charles Myambo with whom he is working on a monumental project with DStv which has over 270 channels.

Stackpack also owns a marquee magazine known as Internet Traffic, which has covered some of the biggest celebrity events. Furthermore, he is also the CEO of the parent company, Internet Traffic LLC which is one of the largest media companies that has worked with names like Amazon, Medium and the African broadcast leader, DStv. His list of accomplishments don’t end here as he is also the brand ambassador of numerous reputed brands like Amazon, Gucci, Sovereign Brands (Belaire), Samsung, Kandiid, C4 Energy Drink and MotoBloq. This multifaceted individual has achieved a lot more than one can ever imagine, being extremely popular as an influencer too, which is evident by his 2M+ followers on Instagram alone.

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